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1Mini Book of Shadows Empty Mini Book of Shadows taj Sub Jan 30, 2010 7:00 am

Nasla sam dosta o cinima, pa me e mrzelo da otwaram nowu temu za swe.......

Invoking The Powers Spell
Hear now the words of the witches,
The secrets we hid in the night.
The oldest of gods are invoked here,
The great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient powers.
Bring your power to we sisters three,
We want the power, give us the power.

Power of Three Spell
The Power of Three Will Set You Free

Javna Vanquishing Spell
Evil eyes look unto thee,
May they soon extinguished be.
Bend my will to the power of three,
Eye of Earth, evil and accursed.

Shape Shifters Killing Spell
When in the circle that is home,
Safety’s gone and evils roam.
Rid all beings from these walls,
Save sisters three, now hear our call.

Love Spell
I conjure thee, I conjure thee.
I'm the queen, You're the bee.
As I desire so shall it be.

Truth Spell
For those who want the truth revealed
Open their hearts and secrets unseal
From now until its now again
From now which the memories end
For those who are now in this house
Only truth will be heard from their mouths

Matthew Tate Locking Up Spell
Outside of Time
Outside of Gain
Know only Sorrow
Know Only Pain

Melinda Warren Summoning Spell
Melinda Warren Blood of our Blood
our Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother
We Summon Thee

Get Rid of The Powers Spell
From whence they came,
Return them now.
Vanish the words,
Vanish our powers.

Woogy Man Vanquishing Spell
I am light
I am one too strong to fight
Return to Dark where Shadows Dwell
You cannot have this Halliwell.
Go away and leave my sight
And take this with this endless light.

Multiply Your Power Spell
Take my power, Blessed be.
Multiply it's strength by three.

Spell to Go Back in Time
The Bond which was not to be done
Give us the power to see it undone
And turn back time to whence it was begun

Return Back Home Spell
A Time for Everything and
to everything it's place
Return what has been moved
Through Time and Space

Nicholas Vanquishing Spell
Lavender, memosa, holy thistle
Cleanse this evil from our midst,
Scatter it's cells throughout time.
Let this Nick, No more exist.

Evil Spirit Vanquishing Spell
Ashes to ashes,
Spirit to spirit.
Take his soul,
Banish this evil.

Power Switching Spell
What's Mine is Yours,
What's Yours is Mine
Let our powers cross the line
I offer up this gift to share
Switch our powers through the air

Time Accelerating Spell
Winds of time gather around
Give me wings To speed my way.
Rush me on my journey forward
Let tomorrow be today.
back to top

Season 2

To take away witches' powers
Powers of the witches rise,
course unseen across the skies,
come to us who call you near,
come to us and settle here

To call for Cryto
We call on the demon Cryto,
reach back throughout the ages,
humbled by his power,
we invite him into our circle

To vanquish Cryto
What witch has done
and then undone
Return this spirit back within
and seperate him from his skin

Go Forward Into Time Spell
Hear these Words
Hear the rhyme
We send to you
This burning sign
Then our future self's
We'll Find
In another place
And time

Door Creating Spell
When you find your passage blocked
All you have to do is knock

Smart Spell
Spirits send the Words
From all across the land
Allow me to absorb them
Through the touch of
Either hand
For 24 hours
From 7 to 7
I will understand
All meanings
Of the words
From here to heaven
And P.S. there will be no personal gain

Succubus Attracting Spell
By the Forces of Heaven and Hell
Draw to us this women fell
Bring from her foul desire
That she may parish as moth to fire

To Hear Secret Thoughts
As plain light shadows
And truth ends fear
Open locked thoughts
To my mind's willing ear
May the smoke from this candle
Into everywhere creep
Bring innermost voices
To my mind in speech

Awakening Spell
Troubled blood with sleep's unease
Remove the cause of this disease
Sleep eternal nevermore
And shift this source of illness borne
To this puppet whom none shall mourn

To Reverse the Awakening Spell
What was awakened from its sleep
Must once again slumber deep

Love Spell
From the strike of 12 count 24
That's how long this spell is for
If to abate my lonely heart
Enchant these gifts I thee impart

Turn Humans Into Animals Spell
Something wicked in our midst
In human forms these spirits dwell
Make them animal sayeth this spell

Past Life Spell
Remove the chains of time and Space
And make my spirit soar
Let these mortal arms embrace
The life that haunts before

Switching Bodies With A Past Life Spell
In this time
And in this place
Take this spirit I displace
Bring it forth, while I go back
To inhabit a soul so black

Return to Present Life Spell
In this time and in this place
Take this spirit I displace
Bring me forth, while she goes back
To a soul so black

Sign Spell
I beseech all powers above
Send a sign to free my sister's heart
One that will lead her to her love

Good Luck Spell
From this moment on
Your pain is ceased
Your bad luck is well
Enjoy your good luck Maggie
You are free from this Hell

Calling A Witch's Power Spell
Powers of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here

Libris Vanquishing Spell
Demon hide your evil face
Libris die and leave no trace
back to top
Demon of Anarchy Vanquishing Spell
Sewer of discord
Your works must cease
I vanquish thee now
With these words of peace

Season 3

See the Unseen Spell
In this tween time, this darkest hour
we call upon this sacred power.
Three together stand alone
Command the unseen to be shown.
In innocence we search the skies,
enchanted are our newfound eyes.

Empath Freeing Spell
Free the empath
Release his gift
Let his pain be cast adrift

Belthazor Summoning Spell
Magic Forces black and white
reaching out through space and light,
be he far or be he near
bring us the demon Belthazor here.

Alchemist Vanquishing Spell
Let flesh be flesh and bone be bone
the Alchemist shall transform none,
cruel scientist of evil born
with this words face the fire's scorn

Lost and Found Spell
Guiding spirits I ask your charity
lend me your focus and clarity,
Lead me to the one I cannot find
restore that and my peace of mind.

Reversing the Lost and Found Spell
I return what I didn't want to find.
Let it be out of sight, out of mind.

Hemlock Killing Spell
Branch of hemlock do your deed
Blood of Life, will you impede
Beloved bark will keep the breath
and in the end will bring death.

Handfasting Spell
Heart to thee
Body to thee
Always and forever
So mote it be.

Angel of Death Summoning Spell
Spirits of air, sand and sea
Converge to set the Angel free
In the wind I send this rhyme
Bring death before me before my time

Seekers Vanquishing Spell
Knowledge gained by murderous means
Is wisdom's bitter enemy.
The mind that burns with stolen fire,
Will now become your funeral pier

The Séance Spell
Beloved unknown spirit,
we seek your guidance.
We ask that you commune
with us and move among us.

The Cat Warlock Vanquishing Spell
Nine times this evil has cheated death
Felt no pain and kept its breath.
This warlock standing in our midst,
Let him feel what he has missed.

Banshee Tracking Spell
Let the piercing cry that feeds on pain,
And leaves more sorrow than it gains.
Shall now be heard by one who seeks,
To stop the havoc that it wreaks.
back to top
Shax Vanquishing Spell
Evil wind that blows,
That which forms below.
No longer will you dwell,
Death takes you with this spell.

Season 4

Calling A Lost Witch Spell
Power of the witches' rise.
Course unseen across the skies.
Come to us, we call you near.
Come to us and settle here.
Blood to blood, I summon thee.
Blood to blood, return to me.

Abundance Spell
Take him back, take him away
Remove him, don't let him stay.
We call the spirits to help undo
And send him off to Timbuktu.

Witch Exorcising Spell
Magic Forces Far And Wide
Enchant These So Those Cant Hide
Allow This Witch To Use Therein
So She Can Reveal The Evil Within

Vanishing Spell
Let the Object of Objection
Become but a Dream
As I cause the Seen to be Unseen

Compromise Promoting Spell
These words
will travel
through the Minds
Of stubborn parties
and unbind
the thoughts Too rigid
to be kind
A compromise
they'll dis-entwine.

Gamill Vanquishing Spell
Small of mind
Big of woe
The pain You Cause
You now will know.

Shocker Demon Vanquishing Spell
Vanquish we three witches cry
One final shock and then you die!

Chameleon Demon Vanquishing Spell
Demon Hiding in plain sight
I use this spell with all my might
To stop your changing form and shape
This Vanquish seals your fate!

Mind Link Spell
Life to Life and Mind to Mind
Our spirits now will intertwine
We meld our souls
And journey to
The one whose thoughts
We wish we knew.

Make a Muse Visible Spell
Being of creativity,
Show yourself now to me.
Your light that shines upon our face,
Let our vision now embrace.

Muse Finding Spell
Being of creativity,
We call ourselves now to thee
Your light now darkened in a ring
Shall feel the power of three we bring

Devlin Vanquishing Spell
Evil is a faithful foe,
But good does battle best,
We witches will with these words,
Waist the warlocks evil zest

Make a Muse Invisible Spell
Being of creativity,
Hide yourself now to me.
Your light that shines upon our face,
From our vision, now erase.

Imagination Stretching Spell
Let Mind and Body Soar
To Heights not reached before
Let limits stretch so you may catch
A new truth to explore

Angela’s Spirit Summoning Spell
Beloved spirit Angela.
We seek your guidance.
We ask that you commune with us
and move among us.

Ludlow Vanquishing Spell
The brittle winter,
Gives to flowers are spring.
Ludlow is vanquished.

Get Through the Gate Spell
Door unlock,
No magic block!

Source Vanquishing Spell
Sisters three, unite in this hour,
With the magic of Good we invoke,
Rend this Evil from it's power,
End his reign in eternal smoke!

Source Vanquishing Spell (another version)
Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda
Astrid, Helena, Laura, Grace
Halliwell witches stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil from time and space.

Muse Finding Spell (another version)
Being of creativity
Show your self to thee
For you are in the shadow of the ring
And we have the power or three

To Contain the Hollow
Abolio extunca vento externeus

To Find Her Heart’s Desire Spell
My love is strong
My spirit weak
It is an answer that i seek
The question burns with in this fire
So i may hear my hearts desire

The Demon Kurzon Vanquishing Spell
Hell threw you from its inner core
But earth won't hold you anymore
Since heaven cannot be your place
Your flesh and blood we now erase!

Switch Invisibility Spell
Evil curse or witches brew,
I call the magic cast by you.
Hear my voice and come to me,
Leave your victim, let her free.

The Lange Brothers Vanquishing Spell
Ashes to ashes
Spirit to spirit
Take their souls
Banish this evil.

Harpy Vanquishing Spell
Claws of pain we have to sever
Demon you are gone forever.

Find a Lost Love Spell
Wither my love
Wherever you be
Through time and space
Take my heart near to thee
back to top
Return Thy Love Spell
Wither my love
Wherever she be
Through time and space
Bring her back to me

Season 5

To track the Sea Hag
Powers of the witches rise,
find the sea hag who speaks and lies.
Balance chakra, focus chi,
lead us through the cruel cruel sea.

Fearless spell
Locked in, boxed in full of fear,
my panic grows amnic, till I can't hear.
In need of reprieve, so I can breathe,
remove my fear please, make it leave.

Phoebe's desire
Open Phoebe's heart to Cole,
reveal the secret that it holds.
Bring forth the passion of loves fire,
that he may feel her true desire.

To lock the apprentice in the mirror
Freedom lost must be unwitting,
into the glass, to do my bidding.

To vanquish Orin
gypsies stand strong beside us,
vanquish this evil from time and space.

To vanquish a past demon
Hell is spun demon creature of death,
fire shall take your very breath.

To remove the Charmed Ones powers
Before the passing of this hour,
take away all their powers.

To vanquish Bicar
We call upon Medusa's bones,
turn their flesh into stones.

To extract a spirit from a body
Together no more through time,
expel her soul.
leave only mine.

To banish the nexcess underground
Iam light, Iam too strong to flight,
return to dark where shadows dwell,
you cannot have this Halliwell,
go away and leave my sight,
and take with you this endless night.

To call a Witch doctor
Free us from the ties that bind,
of evil magic enter twined.
We cure upon the one who cures,
he who's to the dark inured.

To find good luck
To find good luck,
finances have run amuck.
Creditors I soon must duck,
I cast this spell to find good luck,
and hope my life will seize to suck.

To relive the past
Last the truth be told,
let our lives unfold.
So that we can relive our memories,
and stop being enemies.

To turn a demon into a tree spell
Changing seasons, changes all
Live for news has creation calls
nothing has imune, everything transmutes
we take this demon and give him roots

To vanquish te leader of the creepers
Demons who dwell and slivers of night
Are cloak of shadows to witches sight

Truth spell on Nate
For those who want the truth revealed
Open hearts and secrets unsealed
From now until it's now again
Aterwards the memory ends

To summon Grams and the necromancer
Hear these words, hear my cries
Spirit from the other side
Come to me, I summon thee
Cross now the great divide

To vanquish a ghost (cast by Grams)
Ashes to ashes, spirit to spirit
Take his soul, banish this evil

Wiccaning Matthew - summoning Halliwell line
I call forth, from space and time,
Matriarchs from the halliwell line,
Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends,
Our family spirit without end,
To gather now in this sacred place
And help us bring this child to grace
back to top

Season 6

To vanquish Trok Demon
From other worlds far and near,
Let's get him the Trok out of here.

To activate Piper's memory again
Powers and emotions tied,
A witches heart is where it hides,
is help her through her agony,
Bless her with her memory.

To change the dog "Oscar" back into human
I call upon the Halliwells,
I call our powers to undo this spell,
Make right again that we must,
reverse the curse, that made this mutt.

To channel Phoebe's feels and restore Piper's feelings
Open Piper's heart to reveal,
that part which only Phoebe feels.
Send it back from whence it came,
but don't protect her from the pain.

Spell to fill in the blanks and moves them 1 day earlier
Moments lost make witches wonder,
Warlock's plot of demon's plunder.
If this is not a prank,
help us to fill in the blanks.

To make the Golden Bridge disappear.
Let the object of objection become but a dream
as I cause the seen to be unseen.

To switch identities/ Stillmans versus Halliwells
Blinking faces, blank and hohum
we are they, and they are no one
grants to use the power of three
and turn them into nobody

To call a witch's power, Stillmans taking powers of 3
Power of the witches' rise.
Course unseen across the skies.
Come to us, we call you near.
Come to us and settle here.

To summon the dead
Unknown spirit, we call to thee
Those who wish to set you free
Cross on over, so we may help
Come to us, Reveal yourself.

To make Daryll invincible
Blessed with powers from my destiny,
Bless this hero with invincibility.

6.10 Spell to get the book of shadows back
I call upon the ancient power
to help us in this darkest hour
Let the book return to this place
to claim our future in his rightfull space

6.10 Spell to get Chris back to the past
Hear these words, hear the rhyme
Heed the hope within my mind
Send me back to where I'll find
What I wish in place and time

Spell to get the powers back to Chris
Powers of witches rise
Come to me across the skies
return my magic, give me back
All that way taken from the attack!

Season 6 episode 11 - Witchstock

To turn the batons of the officers into flowers
They have no rights, they have no powers
Turn their heatsticks, into flowers

To summon Grams
Hear these words, hear my cries
Spirit from the other site, come to me,
I summon thee, cross now, the great divide

To seduce police men
Come to me and be seduced
To have a girl to introduce
Fall for her, you can't resist her
Trust me Mister, She's my sister

Love spell - a try out to vanquish the warlock
May peace and love, from the moon above
flow through your heart, on the wings of a dove

Spell to vanquish the warlock
Snuff this warlock, his days are done,
but make him good, for the eco-system..

To allow evil to roam
And so I call upon the Crone
Let evil roam inside this home

Season 6 episode 12 - Prince Charmed

To create the Perfect Man
A perfect man we summon now
Another way we don't know how
To make our sister see the light
Somewhere out there is Mr Right
To set the diner table
On Pipers day, set this table
With all the favors you are able

Season 6 episode 13 - Used Karma

For cleaning Karma out of the house
I call to thee, pure witches fire,
through vortex flow the heavenly mire,
Cleanse brackish, karma of debris.
From dark to light, sweep history

To destroy the swarm king
Demons that swarm that serve as one
Vanquish him from which they come

Season 6 episode 14 - The legend of Sleepy Halliwell

To vanquish the Headless Horseman
Power of Three unite,
to end this grisly fright
Reverse the Roles and make us whole!

Season 6 episode 16 - The courtship of Wyatt's Father/Midnight rendez-vous

Spell for trying to get Piper/leo's spirit back
Sister spirit, we call to thee
Cross on over, so we may see

Season 6 episode 17 - Hyde School Reunion

For morphing into teen Phoebe
Those who mock who I am,
Let them always remember when

To change the present high school class into the old
The past is the future,
and the future is the past,
Let's welcome back the senior class.

To change Rick's body into Chrisses
Who you were, you're now another.
Take the face of Wyatt's brother.
Season 6 episode 18 - Spin City
Spell to change Riley (leprechaun) back to his normal size
You who found me at this bar,
Return to who you really are.
Season 6 episode 19 - Crimes and witch demeanors
To turn flowers into fire
Flowers that bring desire,
make them turn into fire!
Season 6 episode 20 - A Wrong day's journey into Right
To Summon Mr Right
A perfect man, I summon now,
Another way I don't know how,
bring him now, into the light,
Come back to me Mr Right
To make someone older (500 years) in just seconds
What once resided in this place,
shall soon be gone, with no haste,
make this girl age in time,
as punishment for her hanus crime
Season 6 episode 22/23 - It's a bad bad world part 1 and 2
To make a portal to the future
In inner place and in this hour,
We call upon the ancient power,
Open the door through time and space,
Create a path to another place
To create a blade that can penetrate Matthews shield
Quantum powers in this blade
yiel, penetrate that witch would shield
Spell to make the sisters happy
Call now, the powers blessed be,
to make my sisters happy
back to top
Season 7
season 7 episode 1 - A call to Arms
Spell to make Leo and Piper back normal
We call upon the mortal ways
and Gods who guide, but may not stay
We seek those of divinity
Just seperate from and set them free
season 7 episode 2 - The bare witch project

Spell to send Lady Godiva back to the past
From lands afar, in time and space
Take her now from this, our place
Won't that dwell and must remain
and send her back to her domain
Spell to summon Lord Dyson
We look to find the evil set free
Bring this demon before us three

Spell to send Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson back to the past
From lands a far in time and space
take them now from this, our place
to that dwell, so must remain
and send them back to their domain.

Spell to restore the wrong world into the right world
A time for everything, and everything in place
Return what's been moved through time and space
season 7 episode 3 - Cheaper by the coven

Spell to sumon Gramms
Hear me now, hear my cries
spirits from the other side
cross now the great divide

Spell to end the fighting jealous siblings
Pass your payed jealousies to darkest nights
Let this feuding siblings no longer fight

Spell to freeze Piper
Let this girl quick as a sneeze
Stop this snit and quickly freeze

Spell to reverse the spell for fighting jealous siblings
Reverse the spell from the book
and please restore what was took.

Spell for the awakening
I call forth from space and time
Matriachs from the Halliwell Line
Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends
Our family's spirit without end.
season 7 episode 4 - Charrmed!

Spell to activate Fountain of Youth
With these offerings I call on the goddess of fertility
Rise now, show us the truth, give us the gift of eternality
season 7 episode 8 - Someone to witch over me
Spell to accelerate vision
Show me what the evil sees,
even if the lighting speeds.
season 7 episode 11 - Ordinary witches

Spell to swith powers between eachother
What's mine is yours, whats yours is mine
I offer up my gift to share,
swith our powers through the air
season 7 episode 14 - Carpe Demon

Spell to call sorcerer
Sorcerer of darkness, demon of fright,
I call you now, into my sight

Spell to vanquish sorcerer
Evil blast, we can not use,
The Power of Three now lights the fuse

season 7 episode 15 - Show Ghouls

Spell to go to the 1890's
Free our souls from their shells,
See were the lost spirits dwells,
Long enough to find their pain,
Quick enough to return again.

season 7 episode 17 - Scry hard

Spell to prison the Shadow again
I'm light, I am one to strong to fight,
So go away and leave my sight,
and take with you this endless night

season 7 episode 19 - Freaky Phoebe

Spell to put Phoebe's spirit back
Lock of hair, completes our call,
to help us reclaim our sisters soul,
ban the demon, spare and pain,
bring Phoebe back from the ghostly plane

season 7 episode 20 - Imaginary fiends

Spell to comunicate with Wyatt
Help this mother understand,
the thoughts inside her little man
though his mouth be quiet,
let us hear his inner Wyatt

Spell to remove the curse of Wyatt
Evil taints for it was once held there
Remove this curse away from here

Spell to send Wyatt back to the future
Send in the future, sudden the past
seeing a new what once has past
return him now to once he came
right where he left, all now the same

season 7 episode 22 - Something Wicca this way goes?

Spell to transform Zankou in a pig
Something wicked in our myst
in our home where he excist
back to top
Spell to destroy the Nexus
From ancient time this power came
From all to have and not to reign
Pick it now, show no mercy,
For this power can no longer be

Season 8

Season 8 episode 1 - Still Charmed & Kicking

Spell to end the confusion of the disguises
I call upon the ancient powers
to mask us now and in future hours
Hide us well and thourougly
but not from thoose we call family

Season 8 episode 4 - Desperate housewitches

To bring back The Source
We call to you, that away was torn
Return master of all evil born
Season 8 episode 5 - Rewitched

To make a lovers dream come true
Hear these words, hear my rhyme
Bless these two in this time
Bring them both into the fold
Help them now cross love's threshold

To vanquish Antosis
Hear us now, the witches call
He who makes samaritan's fall
We speak as one, the sisters three
and banish you to eternity

To unmask the fake identities
I call upon the ancient powers,
to unmask us now and in future hours
Show us well and thouroughly
reveil ourselves so the world can see.
Season 8 episode 6 - Kill Billie : Vol 1

To erase painfull memories
After this cruel memory is seen and said,
Erase these thoughts, from my heart and head
Season 8 episode 8 - Battle of the Hexes

To call a lost witch
Power of witches rise,
course unseen across the skies
come to us to call you near,
come to us and settle here

To unlock the belt
For all the world the word in one,
in harmony it must be undone.
Season 8 ep 10 'Vaya Con Leos'

To hide Leo from the Angel of Death
Hide him from sight,
So I might fight.
Ignore which leaves bereft,
my husband from the Angel of Death

To summon the Angel of Destiny
Power of Three we summon thee,
and call to us the Angel of Destiny
Season 8 ep 12 'Payback's a Witch'

To bring a toy bear alive
Little boy's bear, show me how you care,
tell me how you'd feel, if you were real.
Season 8 ep 13 'Repo Manor'
Powers switching spell
What's theirs is yours, what's yours is theirs,
I offer up this gift to share,
switch the bodies through the air.
back to top

Season 8 ep 17 'Generation Hex'

To vanquish a Noxon demon
Demon of fire, demon of pain
We banish you to the astral plane.

Season 8 ep 18 'The Torn Identity'

To find the noxon
Acient powers, we summon thee,
we need the power of three,
and seek your help in finding,
the demon who is in hiding


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2Mini Book of Shadows Empty Re: Mini Book of Shadows taj Sub Jan 30, 2010 11:28 am



moramo li ovo da citamo?

3Mini Book of Shadows Empty Re: Mini Book of Shadows taj Sub Jan 30, 2010 1:16 pm



Ako nekoga yanima nek procita. !! Nije obaveyno//

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4Mini Book of Shadows Empty Re: Mini Book of Shadows taj Sub Jan 30, 2010 1:25 pm



uff super

5Mini Book of Shadows Empty Re: Mini Book of Shadows taj Pon Feb 01, 2010 3:45 am

Sad cu da dodam o demonima, msm da imam i to........

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